AD Servo Series
AD Servo Series PRESS BRAKE Durma Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Machine, Machinery, Supplier, Supply | AM Machinery Sdn Bhd
Our press brakes guarantee precision, low maintenance costs, low operating cost, and long term reliability.
These Press Brakes Machines are produced with modern design technology and incorporate rigid stress relieved frames to increase your productivity with accurate part production. Demanding applications are easily achieved.

  • Eco-friendly press brake for clean energy saving operations.
  • Lower cost, Energy Efficient, Accurate ,Speed and Quiet .
  • Increase your competitive forces by 62% lower power consumption
  • Lower cost per part by ecologic technology
  • Quiet, Energy Efficient and Accurate
  • Ram movement is powered by AC Servo motors driving hydraulic oil in line with Variable Speed Pump. New technology allows:
    • Silent bends
    • Noise level reduced to 63dbA from 76dbA
  • Energy save
    • 62% at stand-by
    • 44% during the press cycle
    • 60 % in 1 hour with 15 press cycles
  • Supports your production cost efficiency and increases your competitive forces.
  • Small hydraulic oil tank for Clean environment & Cost reduction. Thanks to the new technology reduce hydraulic tank from 200lt to 2x40lt
  • Speeds & Accuracy & Synchronization (Beam speeds to 200mm/sec)
  • 5,6 times better Synchronization in phase of “High Speed“

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